Rumors of a PS4 price drop have been around for months. Between the cheaper and lighter console Sony plans on selling in Japan to just general rumors floating about, those still stuck in the 7th generation have been holding on to a price drop for the current systems. It seems as though the PS4 might be dropping down to the Xbox One’s current price of $350.

The picture above is taken from Target’s online site, where they do sell bundles and offering $50 giftcards with select PS4 bundles. The bundle pictured with the text, however, is not one that is up for the $50 giftcard deal. While no word from Target has surfaced, things are looking good for a $50 price drop.

The Xbox One originally started at $500 with the Kinect, Microsoft stating the the Kinect was “integral to the Xbox One experience.” After a few months of poor sales numbers, however, the Xbox One was disKinected and slashed to $400, and was recently slashed down to $350.

The PS4 has stayed at $400 since it’s release in 2013, so a price drop for the system is well overdue. As well, the new model being sold in Japan will be going for $50 cheaper than the current version, so the stars seem to have aligned in our favor. Whether these rumors come to fruition is another concern.

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