PS4 surveys were sent out to by Sony, asking PS4 owners what content they would like available to them. As shown above, there are choices requesting if players would like to change their PSN ID, PS1 classics, PS2 classics, and more. The fact that they added PS1 and PS2 classics to the survey, show that Sony is curious about how much PS4 owners are interested in old video game titles.

The PlayStation 4 wish list has been added to the PlayStation Store’s webpage, but hasn’t been added to the console store. This suggests the wish list will most likely make its way to the PS4 console, but this isn’t confirmed.

The PS4 survey also asks when PS4 owners would expect a big system software update, ranging from 2015 to 2017 or later. The last software update occurred on September 30th. According to GameSpot,  “The new firmware introduced a number of features and user-interface enhancements, such as Twitter sharing for videos, tweaks to the interface for streaming on YouTube, and an increase in online storage capacity from 1 GB to 10 GB for PS Plus Members.”

Hopefully, new and more exciting features will make their way to the PS4, which has still maintained it’s title of being the best selling console five months in a row.

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