The Free-to-Play market is becoming more widespread as the years go on, but this time a game is backing off from that model. Quake Live will no longer be sporting a subscription base model for those that want extras, instead they’ll be offering the game at a one time $10 fee.

Some of the extras that subscription based places received were the ability to customize your games more so then other players, and vote in the map choosing process. Quake Live’s one time fee will offer those features to every player.

Those that have downloaded the game before October 27th can still play for free, and will not have to buy the game for $10. If you purchased a pro-subscription and never downloaded the game, you can contact customer support for help in resolving that issue.

The full post can be read on the Steam Community page, or below.

“By retiring our services and subscription service, all players now have the same benefits and features in-game. All players can participate in map voting processes, have full access to customize their game to the same degree as others, and have the ability to run their own Listen Servers and configure their matches to their own liking. Players wishing to have more control over how they play now also have new callvote options, allowing them to opt into some of our newer gameplay mechanics such as Starting Weapons, Global Ammo, and Item Timers. Over time we found that these features were effective in some modes more than others, and so modes like Free For All now have loadouts disabled by default.”

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