After a bug involving the champion Gragas during the second game between Fnatic and Edward Gaming forced a thirty minute pause and ultimately a remake, Riot Games has elected to ban the character for the rest of the tournament.

Riot Games has said they “don’t want to endanger the integrity of the upcoming games or risk additional remakes.” They have also disabled Lux and Ziggs as they can also reproduce the bug.

Despite Riot Games’ fear over the integrity of League of Legends, Gragas was picked in three out of the four games during today’s series between KT Rolster and the Koo Tigers with no problems.

The decision has already incurred a great deal of backlash from the community because of how integral of a pick Gragas has been. By making Gragas unavailable it greatly impacts the way teams are able to build team compositions and what to play in the jungle.

The first semifinal match between Origen and Sk Telecom will be next Saturday.

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