Though it was previously announced that Star Wars Battlefront would be receiving an Ultimate Edition, DICE and EA have now stated just what that version of the game will cost you. Coming in at a solid doubling of the core game’s price, the Ultimate Edition will run gamers $120.

Not actually a deal, it turns out the Ultimate Edition is simply the $70 Deluxe version of the game with the addition of the recently announced $50 season pass of DLC. In all, the season pass is set to include four, as yet undetailed DLC packs, while the Deluxe Edition will grant you access to the game and five in-game items: the Ion Grenade, the Ion Torpedo, Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster, the Ion Shock emote, and the Victory emote.

Recently, DICE concluded the Star Wars Battlefront beta, which, pulling in roughly 9 million players, was the largest in EA’s history.

Will you be picking up the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition? Do you already have it pre-ordered? Let us know in the comments.

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