As the concluding chapter of Starcraft II, Legacy of the Void, looms ever closer, Blizzard has put out multiple pieces to help set up the new Protoss-centered story. The latest piece of content comes in the form of a free digital prequel comic starring none other than Artanis himself, the character players will be following in Legacy of the Void.

Entitled “Artanis: Sacrifice,” the eight-page story will be written by Matt Burns and James Waugh, with the art being handled by Edouard Guiton and Emanuele Tenderini. Releasing October 20th, the comic will lead into the events of Legacy of the Void. To see what it’s all about, check out a few pages of the comic (courtesy of IGN).

This is only the most recent tie-in story Legacy of the Void has received. Others include the short stories “Ascension” and “Perdition’s Crossing” and the video short, “Reclamation.”

Legacy of the Void is set to release November 10th. Are you getting excited? Will you be picking up the prequel comic? Let us know in the comments.




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