Blizzard Entertainment revealed a mix of digital and physical content in the Collector’s Edition of StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void and it’s amazing.

Not only will purchasers get the game on DVD along with a slew of exclusive in-game content, but they will get an exclusive two-disc behind the scenes set on DVD and Blu-ray consisting of “over an hour of bonus features, including: a retrospective on the history of StarCraft, a deconstruction of shots from the game’s cinematic, interviews with members of the StarCraft community and more.”

They will also receive a 174-page field manual with original illustrations, vital statistics and lore and other facts about all three of the StarCraft races; and a 21-track soundtrack so you can listen to “haunting echoes of the Void” anywhere you go.

starcraft 2 legacy of the void ce

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Collector’s Edition will be available from retailers alongside the standard game for $79.99, double the $39.99 price tag of the original version.

This is the final chapter in the StarCraft 2 series.

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