Super Mario Maker has eclipsed the 1 million sales mark since its release in early September. The sales number is based on Nintendo’s internal estimates of physical and digital sales, along with copies sold in bundles. Super Mario Maker has been receiving great scores from consumers and critics alike, now the sales match the reviews.

Super Mario Maker is a new level-building Mario game. The game was released on September 11th for the Wii U. For the first time players are able to edit and create their own levels in the Mario universe.

So far, players have created over 2.2 million courses. Even famous creators like Michel Ancel, Raymon, have gotten into the phenomenon of creating Mario levels. Once you have created a level you can then upload it so your friends and the community can play it as well. The 2.2 million courses have been played over 75 million times by the community.

It will be interesting to see how big the Super Mario Maker community will get. Stay tuned to Gamespresso for more Mario news.

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