Microsoft had a Windows 10 event last Tuesday, where they showed off a new experimental game for HoloLens called Project X-Ray. Since then, footage has been released of a demo, including ‘holograms you can hold.’

The scenario shows the player in a living room set-up, playing a game where you hold a holographic weapon to shoot aliens – the future is happening, people.

‘Holograms behave just like real objects,’ a Microsoft developer said. ‘They can interact with the environment and each other.’

What makes the whole thing even cooler, is that the robots and in-game enemies are actually spatially aware. As the demo shows the enemies flinging off the walls here, they’ll even plan attacks based on the set up of your room.

The concept of HoloLens in terms of gaming is very much in the experimental stage, with the focus mostly being taken by VR. However, as Microsoft have shown in this demo, and the previous ones for Minecraft and Halo, there’s potential for the system in the gaming industry to come. For the moment, the mixed reality that HoloLens currently offers is mainly conceptual.

Microsoft are accepting applications for HoloLens developer kits now, though; if you’re successful, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on HoloLens next year for $3,000. There hasn’t been any word on a consumer model as of yet.

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