Ubisoft has given details for its post-launch plans for Rainbow Six Siege, as well as an explanation on how microtransactions will work in the game.

Maps and modes will be free, though characters and weapon skins will have to be purchased with Siege’s in-game currency, “Renown.” Players get Renown by playing the game, though they can boost this further by using actual cash. R6 credits, which will cost real money, can also be used to buy premium weapon skins.

Ubisoft explains: “Nearly everything you do in Rainbow Six Siege will net you Renown, including winning or losing matches, kills, assists, reviving teammates, playing ranked matches, watching tutorials or completing Daily Challenges… Killing teammates will negatively impact your Renown, however, so watch your fire. The developer estimate most players will earn around 1,000 Renown for each hour of gameplay.”

R6 credits can be used to purchase “a number of premium weapon skins” that cannot be obtained by any other ways. These skins are “purely cosmetic,” and “won’t affect gameplay.” Ubisoft explains: “R6 credits are an optional premium currency that will be available at launch in packs of 600, 1200, 2670, 4920, or 7560. A pack of 600 R6 credits will cost $4.99 USD, with larger bundles offering more Credits per dollar.”

Playable characters, known as Operators, will be available for purchase for 25,000 Renown each, which translates to about 25 hours of play. Alternatively, characters can be unlocked for 600 R6 credits, or $4.99.

Ubisoft stated that Rainbow Six Siege will receive four content expansions throughout 2016. Each expansion will include one new map and two operators, which will come with a unique gadget, as well as new weapons. A roadmap of post-launch content for Rainbow Six Siege can be seen below.


Rainbow Six Siege will release on December 1st. The game will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game had originally been slated for an October release, but had been delayed.

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