Following up on the daily character trailers, Square Enix has now put up the main representatives of Final Fantasy 5-9. With the release date coming even sooner, the race to the 14th character trailer is approaching at a rapid speed. So let’s jump right into the character introductions!

Butz (Bartz) Klauser, the master mimic. In Dissidia Final Fantasy 2015, he retains his original style of combat. This involves the use of copying the moves of various warriors of light and combining them into new moves. With such diversity, he’s well suite for all manner of combat scenarios. In keeping with his origins, Bartz slowly gains mastery when he utilizes his abilities during battle. Once he has mastered a move, he will have a huge buff to his moveset.

Tina (Terra) Branford, the half-Esper, half-human magitek warrior brandishes an outstanding display of magical abilities for long ranged and mid ranged combat. This form of Terra differs from the original games as she now has the innate ability to bolster his magical damage from not doing anything. This makes spamming her abilities inefficient. That said, there is strategy to be had to change between quick rapid fire abilities and stronger, charged ones. Tina can also change into her Esper form which ramps up her stats and makes her a stronger character for the time being.

Cloud Strife, the ex-Soldier fighter returns with his trusty Buster Sword. A very heavy hitting character but he is no slouch. There is some wind up, but once he goes, he’s as fierce as a storm. His charged attacks pack a severe punch and can tear down an enemy’s defenses. Furthermore, it looks like he’s added several new moves to his repertoire including a spin attack that summons a literal tornado. As homage to his origin, he will have the Limit Break system in place to further add incredible damage to his already insane hits.

Squall Leonhart, the SeeD with the pride of a lion. His focus is on his explosive fast close quarter combat. With the amount of quick hits and the necessity to get in quickly on an opponents position to deal heavy damage, Squall is an extreme threat if he gets close. His attacks get even stronger if the player times the hits rhythmically. This pays homage to Final Fantasy 8’s trigger attack for Squall when he attacks enemies. Further, Squall has picked up the ability to Draw & Junction, allowing him to draw magic from his locked on opponent and power up against them.

Zidane Tribal, the speedy, acrobatic thief. Another speed fighter that uses his raw speed to get the jump on fleeing enemies and dismantle them with his dual blades. Much like in the original Dissidia, Zidane’s mastery is his aerial combat. With abilities that is well suited to keeping an enemy in the air and completely obliterating them. His Trance ability turns him into an absolute speedster and powers up his abilities to be even faster and much more dangerous.

Just 5 more days until the arcade release of Dissidia Final Fantasy 2015. Should the pattern continue, we should be expected to see Tidus, Shantotto, Vaan, Lightning and Y’shotola! Catch you until then!

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