Driveclub, one of the few great racing games currently available for PlayStation 4 released an update recently which has allowed players to indulge in private multiplayer lobbies. Coupled with the multiplayer update, features such as new brake assist options, new accolades and “more” will be released, according to developer, Evolution Studios.

The update became available on 02/11 and was 0.4 GB; it is required to play Driveclub. Below, you can see the full details of the latest update:


Full Details

  • Private lobbies have been introduced to multiplayer, to play custom games with your friends online competitively or for fun
  • Private lobbies include a wide range of customisable options and modifiers for things like; Grid Position, vehicle collisions, drafting, gear changes, camera perspective, and more
  • Introduces a new multiplayer accolade. Earn fame rewards for playing online via the event browser or with your friends in Private Lobbies
  • The Club level cap has raised from 50 to 55, with a new reward to unlock at level 55
  • Elite Driver levels 76-80 have been added, with a new reward to unlock at each level
  • Elite Driver level challenges can now be played directly via a new option in your driver profile
  • A new in-game store has been added to make finding add-ons for Driveclub much easier
  • Adds a steering wheel profile for Bikes and introduces look left and right on the steering wheel directional pad for cars
  • Two new sprint tracks for Glenmorgam (India) and Chungara Lake (Chile)
  • An adjustable Braking Assist is now available to aid those less familiar with the tracks, generally helping make the game easier for novice drivers
  • Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability


Driveclub is available now and exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

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