It appears that users have spoken with their cash rather than message boards. While it may seem that DLC and micro-transactions cause anger among the masses, that seems to only be true to a small population for video game purchasers. According to EA’s latest financial stats (pictured above) EA makes more than double the amount of revenue from DLC than from full games.

According to EA’s latest financial stats the company earned $195 million by selling extra content for its various games in Q2 2016. This is compared to just $89 million by selling full games digitally.

EA’s DLC and micro-transactions sell like hot cakes. You can see Fifa Youtubers at times purchasing thousands of pounds worth of Fifa points to get the best players. Almost every game by EA includes some sort of DLC, make it small micro-transactions or huge expansions and maps. Only time will tell if this news makes DLC even more prominent by other companies.

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