It’s official – Disasterpeace’s soundtrack for Fez is being produced as a vinyl.

In reflection of the general vanity that comes with video game soundtrack vinyls, the producers have paid a lot of attention into the aesthetic of the vinyl itself; it’s been pressed on a translucent yellow plastic, and features a very stylized mesh pattern on the sleeve. Even the matte black cover has been decorated with an extremely crisp indented Gomez silhouette, finished in slick gold.

You can also pick up a version that also comes with Fez and the soundtrack in a book, though all that fancy packaging sets you back a cool £68. It does look very, very cool though, as you can see below:

You can pick up the Double LP set on Polytron’s site here; the site listing on the ‘Polyshop’ also cites that a purchase of the vinyl set also comes with an instant digital download of the Fez soundtrack in either MP3 of FLAC files, so you don’t even have to wait to bask in the glory of Disasterpeace’s tracks.

Below you will find a full tracklisting of the Fez double LP:

01)  Adventure
02)  Puzzle
03)  Beyond
04)  Progress
05)  Beacon
06)  Flow
07)  Formations
08)  Legend
09)  Compass
10)  Forgotten
11)  Sync
12)  Glitch
13)  Fear
14)  Spirit
15)  Nature
16)  Knowledge
17)  Death
18)  Memory
19)  Pressure
20)  Nocture
21)  Age
22)  Majesty
23)  Continuum
24)  Home
25)  Reflection
26)  Love


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