The prize pool for the Halo World Championship has been increased by half a million dollars by Halo 5 players purchasing REQ packs for the game’s Warzone mode.

A portion of every REQ pack sold goes toward the Halo World Championship prize pool. After just over one week, players who have purchased the packs have added $500,000 to the tournament’s prize pool. This brings the total prize pool to $1,500,000. It is unknown how much of every purchase goes to the prize pool, but since the most expensive pack is $2.99, a lot of players must be buying these REQ packs.

16 teams will be participating in the Halo World Championship. Below you can see a breakdown of the teams that will be competing:

  • Top 8 teams from North America
  • Top 4 teams from Africa, Europe, and Middle East
  • Top 2 teams from Australia and New Zealand
  • Top team from Latin America
  • Top team from Asia

Halo 5: Guardians is available for the Xbox One. The Halo World Championship will begin in December, and will continue through March. You can check out Gamespresso’s review for the title here.


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