The latest update for Heroes of the Storm has introduced a lot of change, including the first two-player hero, Cho’gall. Full patch notes can be read on Blizzard’s official blog.

Only 7 heroes have been changed in the last patch. The Assassin’s are Falstad, Jaina, and Zeratul. Support’s changed are Kharazim, and Uther. Both Leoric and Rexxar, Warriors, have been changed as well. For some of these characters – notably Kharazim and Falstad – these are considered a necessity to make talent diversity possible.


The patch also adds a new battleground, Towers of Doom, to the Public Test Realms. It should be on all servers within a few weeks, which will most likely come along with a smaller rotation of maps to increase frequency of getting Tower of Doom.

towers of doom

The most substantial change to the game would be the addition of another Hero in the Nexus. This time, the two headed ogre Cho’gall joins the battle, allowing two players to co-ordinate and play one Hero.

Cho is the warrior of the two. You are in charge of positioning yourself properly, not dying, and deciding who you focus your auto attacks on. Cho can throw bombs out, and his two ultimate’s are a choice between Hammer of Twilight or Upheaval.

Gall, on the other hand, is your ranged assassin. You will be dealing most of the damage for your team, and have to co-ordinate with your Cho head to detonate the bombs at the right time. The two ultimate’s you can choose from are Twisting Nether and Shadow Bolt Volley.

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