The closing date for Indivisible’s Indiegogo campaign is rushing with only a week left. They’re putting out all the stops and ramping up the hype missile. One of the best ways of drumming up support has been the PS4 demo and recently, the announcement of several guest characters making their incarnate appearance within the world of Indiegogo. According to the Polygon article, Lab Zero had announced that there will be more than 25 incarnates, that is, playable characters. The noted characters who will be making their appearance in Indivisible should it be made are:

  • Annie from Skullgirl, the previous title by Lab Zero. A side character who is not playable but has a role in certain character storylines.
  • Calibretto from the Battle Chasers comic series who serves as the ‘gentle giant’ figure and the last of his kind within the comic’s universe.
  • The Drifter from the upcoming indie title Hyper Light Drifter. An energy sword wielding warrior who is incredibly fast and precise.
  • Juan from Guacamelee. The born-again super wrestler who fights with a great prowess and abilities but in grapples and laying the smack down.
  • Lea from Curses ‘n Chaos, a 2D arena-brawler. Her fists are her primary weapons but there are a tonne of hidden arsenals awaiting her command.
  • Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight. Legendary shovel wielder hits enemies harder than he does the Earth in which he strikes.
  • Zackasaurus from Super Time Force Ultra. The radical time jumpin’ dinosaur that joins the team to take down baddies.

Of these, the team has revealed their in game designs for Shovel Knight and Juan:

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These guest character are merely just the guest stars, the originals from Indivisible is nothing to snuff at! Meet the two latest revealed Incarnates, Antoine and Baozhai:


There’s so much detail and lore with all of these Incarnates and you can check them over on the Indiegogo campaign. Seriously folks, give this game your attention. If you can help these guys back the project, a fantastic game will be released to the world. It’s not a matter of life or death but it would be sorely disappointing for a game of this caliber asking for a tough but understandable $1.5 million USD to eventually not be made. If you can’t back them, retweet the team, give the demo a go and give the game a great shout out to all your social media! There’s only 7 days to raise over $750k.

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