Square Enix has recently been revealing screenshots for their next few Kingdom Hearts titles, including Kingdom Hearts 3. While most of the pictures have been pretty unrevealing. one of the latest ones might have given away a new addition to the Kingdom Hearts series.

The picture above shows the protagonist to the Kingdom Hearts series, Sora, riding in a cart with Goofy and Donald. The cart is quite reminiscent of the Shooting Ride attraction involving the Toy Story universe, from the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride at Disneyland. If so, fans of the series might see Buzz Lightyear or Woody.

While nothing has been confirmed directly by Square Enix, Disney and Kingdom Hearts fans have been discussing and pining over the images Square Enix has released. Do you think Toy Stories might be included in Kingdom Hearts 3? What about Star Wars, or any of the Marvel universe? Sound off in the comments, and check out the other images Square Enix below!

Kingdom hearts 3 3


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