Lara Croft Go, developed by Square Enix Montreal, is getting a free expansion this Thanksgiving.

The Shard of Life will feature 26 levels, in which Lara Croft will go adventuring, looking for the shard. The update, along with the 26 additional levels, will include new artifacts, costumes, gemstones, and monsters.

In celebration of the new expansion launching, Square Enix Montreal has announced that the game will be 40% off in the App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Marketplace. If you are interested in playing through the game again with others, you can do so on Twitch. Similar to Twitch plays Pokémon, users will have to work together to beat the app developed by Square Enix Montreal. You can find the stream here.

Lara Croft Go was originally released earlier this year, with generally positive ratings on the respective app stores.

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