The auction for the one-of-a-kind diamond-studded Master Chief helmet has ended for a total of $34,300. The helmet features 25,000 Swarovski diamonds and weighs 5kg. The helmet was sold by Xbox Asia and all proceeds will go to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

The diamond-studded Master Chief helmet was made by Taiwanese cosplayer Hsu Chia-Hao and Australian fashion designer Jenny Manik Mercian. The money raised will help Make-a-Wish grant “wishes” to sick kids.

The latest addition to the Halo series, Halo 5: Guardians, was released on October 27th for the Xbox One. It has already generated over $400 million since launch and was the most played game on Xbox Live during the week of launch. For more information, stay tuned to Gamespresso.

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