A new Toddyhancer graphical mod makes Star Wars Battlefront look even better than it already does.

A post on Reddit highlighted the work-in-progress mod by Martin Bergman. Images shared by Bergman gives the game  jaw-dropping gorgeous graphics

The images, some of which can be seen below and others of which are listed here, make the game look almost identical to some screenshots from actual Star Wars films.

Bergman previously worked at Activison, according to his LinkedIn profile, but only as a QA and localization tester, nothing that operated with graphics.

In our review of Star Wars Battlefront, we said, “Overall, Star Wars Battlefront is a game that I liked, but didn’t love. Its impressive visuals and incredible soundtrack appease the senses, but after a few hours of game-play, the thrill and nostalgia wears off and you’re left with a game that doesn’t deliver where it matters. A friend of mine said it best: ‘DICE fundamentally dropped the ball when they gave Storm Troopers the ability to shoot with accuracy’.

Sadly, it feels as though the only thing carrying this game at this stage is the Star Wars title. If you’re looking for an in-depth game that lets you immerse yourself in the glorious Star Wars universe, sadly, Star Wars Battlefront is not it.”

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