Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the follow up to the wildly popular Plants vs. Zombies, with a release date of 2013 it’s still seeing some major content updates.

The update, Jurassic Marsh: Part One, adds dinosaurs to the game. Raptor, Stegosaurus, and Pterodactyl will be making their way into the game, along with four new plants, seven fully themed costume zombies, and 16 new levels. The plants available will be the Grapeshot, Perfume-Shroom, Primal Walnut, and Primal Pea Shooter.

In addition to Jurassic Marsh: Part One, a 12 day world wide event, Food Fight, is now live. The Thanksgiving themed event adds Sweet Potato and Dandelion, two premium plants. The autumn themed zombies(read: Thanksgiving themed) include Chefster Zombie, Gobbler King Zombie, and Turkey Zombie.

The update is out now for iOS and Android.



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