While doing my best to tip-toe around the obvious joke poking fun at the fact that enough gamers watch porn that if they suddenly stop the porn industry takes a hit, I am going to relish this. The website PornHub has stated recently on it’s Insights page that they believe that a recent dip in site traffic was due to the release of Fallout 4. The site has even gone so far to supply us with traffic analytics taken over the course of the first day of release, which shows that while the site’s traffic was actually 5% above average that morning, it dipped by a good 10% for about 6 hours that day.


Oh look, they even gave us a cute little blue line marked “Gaming Fans”.


This is obviously not to much of a deviation from their normal flow of millions of people to their site, cocks in hands (figuratively and for a lot of them literally), but it’s definitely very interesting. I mean, for literally 10% of those millions to just go off the grid because of the release of this game, is powerful. It is fascinating that video games take presidence over even the sexual desires of  gamers.

Also, hilariously, PornHub made a statement on the 5% traffic increase on the morning of the release, saying that it was probably when the game was installing. They go on to say “In the afternoon, traffic returned to normal, but after 6 PM, it dropped again when we assume that 9-5 workers arrived home and fired up their games, ~After midnight it seems like everyone finally took a break, and traffic jumped as high at 15 percent above daily norms.”

Two further charts (see below), reveal percent change statistics for Pornhub visitors who are gamers, based on their gaming genre preferences. As you can see, sports game fans saw the biggest drop-off compared to an average day (-13.7 percent), followed by action game fans (-7.7 percent), and adventure and strategy game fans (-7.2 percent). If your kind of creeped out that they know this kind of stuff about their viewerbase, you totally have reason to, these charts were compiled using Google search and web browsing habits supplied by Google Analytic.



I simultaneously both love and hate this kind of stuff though. Just the wierd stuff that paints all gamers as members of some awkward, horny fraternity. But now I guess we have statistics to prove it. All in all though this was obviously just meant to be funny, Corey Price, the vice president of PornHub, has even stated in an interview that they’re huge fans of the game as well.

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