In its most recent Bungie Weekly Update, the company revealed that the refer-a-friend program it mentioned will begin on November 23rd.

“The Holiday season is rolling in like a cold-weather front. With it, many Kinderguardians will join us in the Tower to find shelter from the cold of winter – and, just maybe, the friendship needed to survive a Quest,” Bungie said. “Take one under your mighty wing of Light and we’ll reward your mentorship.”

Bungie has not told players what the reward will be for the refer-a-friend program, but they have promised to share details on the matter soon.

The November update went live last week. Players will now find it easier to complete the “Crucible Forged” quest, more Legendary Engrams drop in the Crucible, and Weapon Parts are available to buy in exchange for Glimmer.

Bungie also discussed changes coming in the December update. They did not go into specifics, but they did mention balancing Titans, and a way to use Etheric Light and Wormspore. Bungie also announced that new Exotics will become available in December, along with more year one Exotics being upgraded.

To read the full Bungie Weekly Update click here.

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