The Star Wars franchise has a big couple of months ahead of itself, with the new movie The Force Awakens coming out in December and Battlefront launching next week. While both titles should be fantastic thrill rides, those who played the beta for Battlefront know that the game could afford some tweaking. Looks like EA agreed.

According to a post on Reddit, Star Wars Battlefront has received patch 1.01, which will launch with the game and is already available for those with early access. The patch will mostly fix some generic bugs and glitches, but other noteworthy improvements include better Hero spawn times and online traffic performance.

Taking on the long awaited return of the beloved Battlefront series has been no easy task for EA. Let’s hope patches like these and other improvements to come help make this new installment as great as it should be. Star Wars Battlefront will be released November 17th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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