For Chris Hepburn, it started out as a request to the community. What kind of configuration would you like to see for the steam controller?

The response was incredible, but one request stood out to Hepburn: Eli Jewett’s father couldn’t use his left hand, and he wanted him to be able to experience Skyrim. for Chris Hepburn, this was the beginning of a new project. He gives credit where credit is due, telling Gamespot in an interview that “Valve are the innovators here. They gave us the tools to help each other.”

The configuration uses tilt sensors in the controller, and only the right side of the controller. What’s next for Hepburn? to accomplish another challenge, “We’ve had one guy asking for a config for his wife who has arthritis. She can’t use her thumbs, […] That’s going to be really hard, but if it means she could play a few games it would be worth it.”

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