Capcom has been forever reiterating the desire to build on Street Fighter V after the game’s launch, and have now provided us with an overview of the timeline for the planned support for the game.

There will no longer be any “Super” or “Ultra” editions of the game releasing sometime after the initial launch, but Capcom instead plan to build on the base game over a total of five years, constantly adding new content and tweaking the game through updates.

Speaking to Eurogamer, producer Yoshi Ono states “simple maths suggests it’ll take five years to get to the roster of Street Fighter IV (44), and we want to keep the game going for that amount of time.” However Ono also added that while this is the plan, things can and will change depending on the success of the game’s launch.

It should be noted that a five year plan for Street Fighter V would be nothing new to Capcom at this stage. Six years after Street Fighter IV’s release in 2009, the developer is still adding new content to the base game.

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