Developer of the free-to-play third-person action game Warframe, Digital Expanse, has added a new Warframe to the PC version of the game to go along with a double XP event for PC, PS4, and XBox One starting today, November 25.

The new Warframe, Wukong, is inspired by the character of Sun Wukong from the 16th Century Chinese mythological text, The Journey into the West. The Wukong warframe is a melee focused frame with abilities that center around the use of a staff as a Primary weapon. A secondary focus of the Wukong frame is stealth, with abilities that reduce visibility and stun enemies.

Side by side with the new Warframe for PC, developer Digital Expanse is holding a double XP weekend, November 25 to 30, on all platforms for which the game is available.  In addition to double XP there are in-game discounts, re-releases of previously limited edition Items.
If you’ve been interested in jumping into Warframe, or taken a break and looking to get back in, now might be the time.

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