Warhammer Vermintide came out back on the 23rd of October, since then people have been loving the game to bits. I know I have. One of the concerns I raised looks to be addressed in the upcoming patch next week. Apart from bug fixes, Fatshark has mentioned that there will be tweaks to the AI bot so they wouldn’t be silly and get caught/steal stuff.

Obviously I’m pretty excited that there is going to be a patch to deal with the silly little bugs but this next tweet from the team makes me even more excited:

I’m a sucker for the loot system they have in place. An evolution of this system sounds incredible. Hopefully the news on the the system comes in early. Regardless, you’ll be sure to see our coverage on the new system when it is announced!

Vermin hunters, what has been your best loot so far? My prized blue hammer and shield has me filled with glee still but I covet those orange-rarity weapons!

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