Techland’s popular zombie filled, free-running title, Dying Light is getting a new expansion.  And the teaser for it may leave some chills down your spine.  Titled, The Following, the new expansion is an entirely new story.  This extension that takes place after the events of the game itself. Dying Light has so far been straight forward with the infected when bitten rule, a staple of any zombie story line.  Now it has decided to go down the path of titles such as The Last of Us, Left 4 Dead, and some stories outside the gaming world: Immunity.

Playing as Kyle Crane, is working with the community within Harran to survive and, ultimately, thrive once again as a people.  In the teaser trailer, there is a disturbing exchange between you and a woman tending to a man who appears to be grievously injured. According to the woman treating him, the patient has been going on about “magic and domesticated zombies”.  Along with the inane babble, including the repetitive mention of “the mother”, he also was brought in with a map that you determine can be a way out of the quarantined city in which the game takes place.  At one point, the bloody patient sits upright, begging them to “stay away” over and over, implying an impending conflict in this expansion’s story line.

Dying Light is available for the XBox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC. The expansion will be available for  purchase on February 9th, 2016.  Individual purchase of the DLC is $20, as recently announced by Techland.  However, it will also be included upon the pruchase of the $30 Dying Light DLC pass.  The full teaser trailer van be viewed here.

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