Two years after Hi-Rez studios ceased development on Tribes Ascend in order to turn their full attention to Smite. A new patch has been released following 4 months of public testing.

The free to play shooter has undergone a huge number of changes. Theseinclude the introduction of 3 new Capture the Flag maps, addition of many new weapons. As well as many balance changes to vehicles, weapons and equipment. Perhaps most significant however is the reduction down from 9 playable classes to 3, with the company opting for a system focused on loadout customisation rather than class variety.

Due to the significance of the changes, all previous account purchases have been reverted and fully refunded. In addition any accounts with gold remaining in them have been given, ‘ The Ultimate Weapon Pack,’ which is awfully considerate of them.

The full patch notes are available in a Google Doc due to the sheer length of them.

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