Batman: Arkham Knight wasn’t exactly a solid release, with the PC version unplayable by most of the population.

That didn’t stop the game from performing well, or even being considered a good game by most websites. With the multiplayer and single player developed by two different studios – WB Games Montreal and Rocksteady respectively – it looks like Rocksteady wants to create a multiplayer game of their own next.

Rocksteady has talked in the past about endless possibilities for new Batman games, but they didn’t go into details about an in house designed Multiplayer.

Rocksteady posted a job opportunity up on their website, and one of the qualifications is “proven track record as a team lead with experience on at least two successfully published multiplayer titles.” This could just mean that Rocksteady wants to balance out their team, but more then likely they want to create more multiplayer centric Batman games.

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