The new Legacy Operations patch for Battlefield 4 has fans rejoicing; Dragon Valley, a popular map in Battlefield 2, has been remade and will be included with the free update for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This comes on the heels of an announcement in November detailing the return of a classic map with a survey by EA asking players which map they would like to see return.

This isn’t the first classic map to gain a modern makeover. Noshahr Canals, a map found in Battlefield 3, was added in mid October. The map acts as an extension for Dragon Valley, which was still in testing when Noshahr Canals was released.

Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will be disappointed however as the DLC will only be released for current generation consoles. EA has assured players that it will not abandon support for the later generations however; the remake of Dragon Valley clearly is a large undertaking and requires power that only newer systems can handle.


Dragon Valley will have the most Conquest mode flags of any map

The holiday patch also includes various fixes for modes, audio and more. The Legacy Operations DLC for Battlefield 4, Dragon Valley included, is now available to download for free.

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