Agatsuma Entertainment, a Tokyo stationed Japanese development studio has announced that following their closure on Friday, the studio will be liquidated on March 31st next year. The team’s decision to close down was due to financial problems. The last game that the company dealt with was Sayonara UmiharaKawase, a fairly difficult platformer that had a niche appeal. It was released on Steam on the 6th of October this year and on the 3DS back on March 20th, 2014. Code of Princess, the last game that the team developed did not hit much success with roughly 190,000 sales on the Nintendo 3DS.

The studio had been in business since 1997 and as mentioned, was a development team as well as a publishing studio that helped with other studios and games. The company not only provided these surfaces to the Japanese markets, they’ve been working to help tie the global market with Japan. One of the few agencies that have been actively promoting this service.

It’s a shame to see another company take a fall, especially one that had a good vision for the industry. We’ll be hoping that the employees within the studio will be given more opportunities and jobs that’ll make use of their expertise.

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