I remember my first attempt at taking down Oryx in the Taken King – it was myself and two other level 40 friends, we had been playing Destiny non-stop for weeks in preparation for the Taken King DLC, each of us leveling up three different characters and obtaining every exotic and legendary item that we could. No amount of time invested could prepare us for what we were going to face when we went head-to-head with Oryx. Even now, after more experience and with better weapons and armour, Oryx is still a grind for me. Not for one Warlock, ‘TheGrreatGatsby’, who has managed to defeat Oryx solo.

‘TheGrreatGatsby’ uploaded the video to his YouTube channel recently, along with a plethora of thanks to various other players for help along the way. Next on his list is taking down Oryx on ‘hard’ difficulty, again solo. You can read about his full encounter here.

What are your experiences with the Taken King? Any Raid stories to share? I’d love to hear them.

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