Like all modern games, Guitar Hero Live is receiving constant updates to keep the game fresh – the first of which was announced today.

Based on community feedback, Guitar Hero Live has added a new head-to-head competitive mode for Guitar Hero TV called Rival Challenges, which allows players to battle against each other.

Here’s how head-to-head mode works, explained by Jamie Jacksoon of FreeStyle Games:

  • To unlock Rival Challenges, you will need to be level 10 or higher. We decided this because once you hit level 10, you will have gained access to Guitar Upgrades and accumulated some Hero Powers, which we think introduces fun and interesting layers of competition.
  • Rival Challenges will occur on twice per every half-hour show. The song choices will be picked by us, so you’ll always need to be ready
  • Your opponent will be of relatively close skill level, paired with you through our underlying matchmaking technology.
  • The winner of each battle earns an extra +100 Status XP, along with bragging rights of course.
  • Another bonus is showing off the personalization items you’ve earned in GHTV. When a battle kicks off, both you and your opponent will see each other’s playercard and note highway on screen.

Further down the track, Activision have hinted at holiday themed shows are also in the works, however nothing has been confirmed.

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