Blizzard Entertainment, maker of StarCraft and World of Warcraft,  has released a special event for their “hero brawler” Heroes of the Storm. The event, titled Gift of Winter Veil adds a variety of new Christmas themed content to the MOBA style game.

In addition to the new content of Gift of Winter Veil Blizzard has discounted some previously created heroes and items in the in game shop created new player quests.

Free content for the Gift of Winter Veil includes:

  • A new quest, allowing players to earn experience-boosting stim-packs by playing instead of paying.
  • A new temporary Christmas themed Treasure Goblin mount.

Content available to buy in the new update includes:

  • Christmas themed skins for the heroes Sylvanas and Stitches.
  • Two new Christmas themed Bundles including some new and old content.
  • A temporary price reduction to the hero Zagara.

The update is live now and full Details on the can be found on the Heroes of the Storm official blog.

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