Harmonix has already recently shown their determination to bring new, challenging and fun material for all the living room concerts, courtesy of Rock Band 4.  December 8th, Brutal mode was released, giving veteran players a new hurdle over which to bound. To go along with this hardcore challenge for the Rock Band experts, there are now three new songs available.  And they just so happen to also be very, very brutal, and have one more thing in common: They are all of the metal genre.

Between the Buried and Me, Opeth, and Symphony X have all contributed a song to the game, each available for $2 at the Rock Band Music Store.  Even without Brutal mode, these songs are no by far a walk in the park, as seen below.

In addition to this bundle of goodies that Harmonix has released for all the rock stars out there, they’ve issued a challenge for players all over. The Brutal Mode Battle, a test of dexterity, rhythm, memory, and of course, rock.  The challenge is over the highest score on Brutal mode.  Those who achieve the top 5 cumulative scores will have the opportunity to be flown to Boston to compete in the ultimate finale with each other.  The winner of this challenge will receive one custom skinned Rock Band 4 Xbox One or PlayStation®4 console and controller, the whole 2016 calendar year’s worth of Rock Band 4 DLC free for their console, and, if that weren’t enough, a $1000 cash prize.  Ladies and gentlemen, start your consoles.

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