A new fighter is joining the Pokken Tournament roster.

A newly released gameplay trailer for Pokken Tournament confirms that grass-type Pokemon Sceptile is joining the game’s roster. In the trailer, we see Sceptile take on other playable Pokemon, such as Charizard and Suicine. We also see two new assist Pokemon, Electrode and Farfetch’d, in action.

Sceptile is not the only new fighter to be announced for Pokken Tournament in recent times. Last month, it was revealed that Shadow Mewtwo would be a part of the game’s roster as well.

Pokken Tournament will be making its way to the Wii U next year. The game is in development by Tekken studio Bandai Namco, and was announced for Japanese arcades in 2014. According to producer Katsuhiro Harada, the goal was for the game to appeal to all Pokemon fans. He stated: “Whether you are a casual player, a regular player, or a hardcore player, anyone who likes Pokemon can have fun.”

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