In a very interesting turn of events, Mario Maker’s newest level is based not on Zelda, Metroid, or any other Nintendo franchise, but Mercedes-Benz. The free level launched on December 9.

The level, called Mercedes-Benz Jump’N’Drive, features the famous car company’s logo made out bricks. Players can also unlock a costume that puts Mario in control of a Mercedes-Benz GLA. the level itself was designed by fans after Mercedes invited dedicated Mario fans to it’s headquarters to work on the level, which features a dealership, test drive facility, as well as the autobahn.

This isn’t the first partnership between Nintendo and the luxury car company. The GLA was released as a DLC kart in Mario Kart 8 earlier in 2015. There have been no further statements about future Mercedes-Benz themed DLC for Mario Maker or any other games.

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