Update: 343 Industries has announced that a Community Playlist will be added to Halo 5 multiplayer next month.

Halo 5: Guardians‘ Forge mode is undoubtedly where the game shines, by combining the excellent multiplayer with the community’s creativity – as seen in the incredible Halo 1 remakes. By providing an expanding array of tools for users to take advantage of, we’ve seen all sorts of maps made over the last month. One I’m particularly in awe of is Sandtrap Classic.

As Halo 3‘s largest Big Team Battle map at launch, Sandtrap was an incredible map to introduce when Halo 3 first released. It took large, open-scale vehicular warfare and through it into the desert, with little but ruins and the natural slopes to protect you.

The map was loved by the large majority of the fanbase because of how it took the concept of Halo‘s large vehicle-based encounters from the campaign and gave players the toys to bring that experience across into multiplayer.

Sandtrap Classic is a remake in every sense of the word – the author has a hazy mist layered over the map, the ground slopes in the same areas as the original, the structures are all brilliantly recreated, the sand looks incredible, and, as far as I can tell, everything is damn near perfectly scaled.

Here are some shots of the original Sandtrap:


And here’s a gallery of Halo 5‘s Sandtrap Classic:

You can view the full gallery here.

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