Releasing merely days ago, Jonathan Blow’s second offering to the world ‘The Witness’ ended up being the number one most pirated game on a ‘certain pirating site’ according to Blow’s tweet earlier. Jonathan has been no stranger to the amount of pirating that goes on for his games; especially when his first game, Braid, was released.

When offering reasons as to why this was the case, Blow had shot down many of the claimed reasons aside from the obvious. One person suggested that the $40 price point may have driven people to turn to these illegal means. Something that Blow reminded people shouldn’t be the case as Braid was still heavily pirated despite its $15 price point. Another suggested that due to having no demo, people didn’t know what to expect; which again Blow compared to Braid’s demo existing yet not stopping the onslaught of piracy.

Despite being saddened by the huge spike of pirated copies for his newest game, he still takes the time to send his appreciation for the many people who have the game either legitimately or not. When it came to having DRM, Blow mentioned that even though he might consider it, he would rather not have DRM so as to provide freedom for his players to enjoy the game however they like. The Witness is a puzzle adventure game that came out on January 26th for PC and PS4. Support the game, I might not be reviewing it, but I do like the game so far.

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