Since May of 2012, Loot Crate has been supplying manic fans with fun collectables, from bobbleheads to bags, from stickers to statuettes.  They’ve recently expanded to variations to the Crate: One that revolves around pets, and the other anime.  But now, Loot Crate has announced that they are creating a separate crate completely dedicated to good ol’ gaming.

Loot Gaming was announced by its creators at a panel during PAX South.  It will cover of variety of titles from AAA names to indies.  And while Loot Crate will not cease to include gaming themed items in its subscription, Gaming will be more specialized.  Like its predecesors Loot Anime and Loot Pets, there is a more centralized theme because of the sheer growing popularity of the company.

Loot CrateAnother thing to add to the Loot Gaming experience, the creators say, is the movement towards including DLC in the crates as well.  The example provided was a code for a certain character skin, and so on.

“Loot Gaming will give people the chance to own a piece of those gaming universes and join an active community of fans who love those same great franchises,” said Loot Crate co-founder Matthew Arevalo.

Loot Gaming will be $25 when available.

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