Nobody doubted Minecraft was a juggernaut, but Mojang’s numbers help confirm it.

According to the developer, Minecraft has officially passed the 22 million copies sold mark on Mac and PC. The statistics page from the company states “22,079,299 people have bought the game.”

Interestingly, Minecraft hasn’t slowed down in recent times either with the website adding, “In the last 24 hours, 12,047 people bought the game.”

According to VG24/7, Mojang usually reports around 10,000 copies being sold each 24 hours, giving evidence that the game is continuing to grow rather than diminish in sales.

As of June 2014, total sales across all platforms totaled 54 million units. The game is currently available on PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and finally arrived on the Nintendo Wii U this past December.

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