Well it seems Valve have finally made true on their threat – they are now permanently disabling login of those players who don’t follow the devs rules.

Game Server Login Tokens are a requirement for server creation in CS:GO. Server operators who provide users with the opportunity to falsify inventory contents are now going to be perma-banned from using the tokens. The user who generated the tokens will also be permanently restricted from creating new ones.

Surprisingly, Valve haven’t taken action against mods until now – Counter Strike Origin’s was a mod for Half Life and almost all their official game releases have been modded for a long, long time. The mod in question, that Valve has taken issue with allows players to equip custom gun and knife skins, some of which are available on the Steam marketplace, while others are completely user created. The worst part – Valve actually makes money off the skins sold in the Steam marketplace (the skins gained from this mod can only be used in that custom session, they don’t carry over to official or competitive servers).

Several CS:GO users have flocked to the games Reddit page, stating that ‘freedom of custom servers was what made them great’.

“Innovation is awesome and almost every mod we see is fine.” Brian Lev of Valve said in response, “Our only concern, as the community correctly understands, is with mods that specifically misrepresent a player’s skill group/rank or the items they own.”

What are your thoughts on the penalties? Has this affected you in a positive or negative way? How would you change it? Let me know in the comments!

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