H1Z1, rival to DayZ has been a longstanding title in survival games on PC and remains in early access. PS4 gamer’s who have been waiting for any news of a port to console won’t be waiting much longer, with Chris Wynn, producer of the title posting to Twitter recently that news will arrive “soon.”

Wynn, who previous worked with BioWare on Mass Effect Andromeda announced today that he has teamed up with Daybreak.

The PC edition of H1Z1 was released almost a year ago via Steam Early Access. It currently remains in an unfinished state, but that seemingly hasn’t deterred players, as the game as sold more than 1 million copies.

After Sony Online Entertainment transformed into it’s current state, Daybreak, the developer hinted that it may bring previous PC/PlayStation exclusive games to Xbox platforms. Earlier this month, an Xbox One version of DC Universe Online was announced, though there is no word on whether H1Z1 will become available in the future.

H1z1’s PlayStation 4 edition was announced in summer 2014 without a release date.

We’ll bring you more news as it’s available.

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