The “Active Time Report” has been the source for the latest Final Fantasy news and footage.  And now, Square Enix has announced that, on January 30th, they will live stream a new episode to showcase the latest on Final Fantasy XV.

In their announcement, Square Enix included a few teasers: Four different screenshots featuring FFXV’s protagonist, Noctis, casting fire spells and using the stealth feature in the game.  They say that the show will include new footage and more on the use of magic in this world.


Final Fantasy XV takes place on a massive continent where, as a feature in the game, one can drive manually or automatically from location to location.  And of course, chocobos are aways an option.  The game follows a brash and rebellious Noctis, the prince and only heir of Lucis, gifted with the power to sense death among his people.  His mission is to recover the crystal that keeps his kingdom not only alive but thriving with magic and wonder, including the prolonged life of its royal family.

Square Enix has also made it clear that they plan to announce a release date sometime during the March episode of the Active Time Report.

“This year is the year we’ll release Final Fantasy XV,” says game director Hajime Tabata.

So it could come out as early as this summer, for the PlayStation4 and XboxOne. Check out the screenshots below!

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