Those anxious for the upcoming release of Ubisoft’s shooter, The Division will be delighted to see the new trailer released for the game.

The roughly three-minute long trailer shows off many different aspects of the game, including the restoration of a desolate New York City, as well as the many people who have been assigned to do the job.

The game’s description reads:

We live in a complex world. The more advanced it gets, the more vulnerable it becomes. We’ve created a house of cards: remove just one, and everything falls apartBlack Friday – a devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and one by one, basic services fail. In only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, an autonomous unit of tactical agents, is activated. Leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, these agents are trained to operate independently in order to save society. When society falls, we rise.

The Division is scheduled to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 8, 2016. A beta for the game will becoming to Xbox One first sometime soon, after being pushed out of December 2015.

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