The Division is expected to launch March 8th, but several features seem to be missing from the game.

On top of removing Brooklyn from the game(despite being shown off in previous teaser videos), The Division will not have player trading included in the game. At least, not at launch.

As a common practice for developers in the past few years, The Division appears to be launching incomplete. Several of the features that have been officially cut are labelled as a “possibility in DLC”.

In the interview with Gamesradar, Julian Gerighty explained that some features make it, some don’t. “It’s something that obviously some people are very passionate about, […] it’ll maybe make an appearance in the future.”

As Gamesradar notes, however, Ubisoft has managed to fully animate a dog defecating in the game. That shows how well The Division’s priority list was done.

The Division is also missing micro transactions, and a companion app that was announced at E3. (Although we aren’t really complaining about missing micro transactions, are we?)

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