Coming off the wild success of Fallout 4, fans are already curious what’s next for Bethesda and the game director Todd Howard.

Speaking yesterday at the DICE Summit, when asked what the studio was working on now, Howard stated, “We’re busier now than we have ever been.” Of what he could talk about, he mentioned the recently announced DLC for Fallout 4, along with the revamping of the game’s survival difficulty mode.

When pressed further however, Howard admitted, “We actually have three kind of longer term projects we’re doing… We’ll talk about them at a much future date, but they’re different than anything we’ve done before while also being a Bethesda-style game. Big and crazy, but in many ways different than anything we’ve done before.”

Though he gave no indication of what any of those titles might be, not even if one of them might rhyme with Fallout 5, Howard concluded saying, “It’s a really exciting time.” The video below is queued to start at the beginning of the discussion.

Bethesda Game Studios recently started a second development team in Montreal, and during the conference Howard stated the new team was working on mobile, among other things. Given the “big and crazy” description it is unlikely Howard was referring to any mobile games, but it’s possible he was referring to the second studio’s other projects.

What do you think of the tease? Are you sad that “very different than anything” they’ve done before might not mean an Elder Scrolls VI or Fallout 5? Are you excited for Bethesda to try something new? Let us know in the comments.

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